Vom 30.09. bis 03.10.2022 in der Jugendherberge Oberwesel

Hier gibt es weiterführende Informationen zum Coesfeld Cup. Dieser findet alljährlich im Rahmen des BinG! Harmony College statt. Alle zwei Jahre dient dieser Wettbewerb als Qualifikationswettbewerb für die Deutschen Meisterschaft der Barbershopquartette, welche im Rahmen des Barbershop Musikfestivals stattfindet. Die Ergebnisse des Coesfeld Cups der letzten Jahre können hier eingesehen werden.

BinG! Harmony College 2022

Von: Freitag, 30. September 2022 - 15 Uhr

Bis:  Montag, 03. Oktober 2022 - 15 Uhr

Wo:  Rheintal-Jugendherberge Oberwesel

Termine künftiger Harmony Colleges:

30.09. - 03.10.2023

03.10. - 06.10.2024

02.10. - 05.10.2025

Wie lange dauert es noch?


Wo findet das Event statt?

Das Harmony College ist ein alljährlich stattfindendes, von BinG! organisiertes langes Wochenende, an dem im vierstimmigen Miteinander die ganze Intensität und begeisternde Emotionalität des Barbershopgesangs erlebt werden kann. Jede*r Sänger*in hat individuell die Möglichkeit, sich musikalisch weiterzubilden, einzubringen und viel Spaß zu haben.  

Chorsänger*innen können in Projektchören singen - hier werden peppig und gefühlvoll, leidenschaftlich und cool je zwei Songs mit Leben gefüllt, die dann zum Abschlusskonzert vor Publikum performed werden. 

Neben den Chorproben werden interessante Kurse zu den Themen Gesang, Bühnenpräsentation, Interpretation und Barbershop-spezifische Musiktheorie angeboten. Zahlreiche namhafte internationale Barbershop-Expert*innen freuen sich jedes Jahr darauf, ihr Wissen und ihre Begeisterung für Barbershop weitergeben zu können. 

In den letzten Jahren hat sich das BinG!-Harmony College zu einem wahren Magneten für Barbershopper *innen und A-cappella-Begeisterte aus ganz Deutschland entwickelt. Das breite Angebot an Lerninhalten, der Spaß am gemeinsamen Singen (manchmal bis spät in die Nacht...) und die gute Stimmung haben dafür gesorgt, dass viele Teilnehmer*innen immer wieder kommen.

Speziell für junge Teilnehmer gibt es die Young Voices (für junge Barbershopper*innen bis 30), welche viel Spaß unter Gleichaltrigen bietet. Auch hier wird das Wochenende mit einem Auftritt beim Abschlusskonzert gekrönt. 

Als 3. Stream bietet das Wochenende das Quartett College mit speziellen Kursen und individuellen Coaching-Sessions für bei BinG! registrierte Quartette. Die Sessions stehen je nach Coach und eigenen Wünschen immer unter einem Schwerpunkt, der sich nach den 3 Bewertungskategorien im Barbershop richtet: Gesang, Performance oder Musik.

Traditionell startet das Wochenende mit dem Quartett-Wettbewerb "Coesfeld Cup", in dem sich Quartette mit 2 wettbewerbsfähigen Stücken messen. Alle 2 Jahre ist der Wettbewerb auch gleichzeitig Qualifikation für die Deutsche Quartett-Meisterschaft des BinG! MusikfestivalsDieses Event gibt den perfekten Start in ein ereignisreiches und harmonisches Wochenende mit unterschiedlichen Abendveranstaltungen, spannende Kursen, nettem Austausch und dem berühmten Afterglow, der jeden Tag mit viel Spaß abrundet.

Hier findet ihr alle bisherigen Infomails und den Kursplan:






Kursplan HC22

Unsere Faculty

Dr. Lucas Bitzer

Barbershop und Chormusik begeistern Lucas bereits seit 20 Jahren, aktuell singt er mit dem Männerquartett Barberpapas sowie dem Chor Heavy Medal. Seit 2019 ist er im BinG! Coaching Certification Programm mit Schwerpunkt "Singing"" und macht parallel eine Lehrer-Ausbildung in Alexander-Technik, einer Körperarbeit zur Erkennung von Verspannungen und ungünstigen Verhaltensmustern. Er coacht Quartette und Chöre und gibt Kurse rund um das Thema "Singing". Bei BinG! kümmert er sich mit Herzblut um die Jugendförderung und Weiterverbreitung dieses suchtgefährdenden Hobbys. Als Physiker lässt Lucas sein Interesse an Naturwissenschaft und Technik auch in seine Kurse einfließen.

Blair Brown

Blair is a singer and certified yoga instructor based in Fort Myers, Florida. In 2013, she earned a BA in Music from the University of MissouriSt. Louis, where she studied with Ambassadors of Harmony codirector, Dr. Jim Henry. In 2018 she went on to become a Certified Yoga instructor at the True Nature School of Yoga in Oceanside, CA. Blair sings Lead with two-time BinG! World Mixed Quartet Champions, Double Date. Since their formation in 2012, Double Date has performed, taught, and coached throughout the US and around the world. They have recorded and produced two full-length albums and are working on their third. Their second album, Accentuate the Positive, produced CARA-award winning track, ‘Didn’t We’, which was awarded ‘Best Barbershop Song’ of 2018. In July of 2019, Blair became the first woman elected to serve on the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International Board of Directors, with her term commencing January 2020. Blair is also a BHS judging candidate in the Performance category. In September 2020, she and her husband Ravi welcomed a daughter, Daisy, who they hope will follow in her parents’ footsteps and become a life-long barbershopper.

Dr. Jay Butterfield

Jay has been active in the Barbershop Harmony Society since joining the Vocal Majority as a teen. His service includes teaching in many districts -U.S. and Canada- as well as numerous schools in Europe and the UK. As the Musical Director (emeritus) of Parkside Harmony it has been his honor to compete internationally with this chorus, and several others including the Alexandria Harmonizers and Vocal Majority. Jay has also been on the international quartet stage several times, including a top 20 semifinal appearance. Jay has hold two degrees (B.A. and M.A.) in Music Performance, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership. He was the 1996 recipient of the MENC/BHS award for service and music education, and a school Grammy award recipient, from NARAS. He has served on the C&J Board of Review for Singing, and currently is an active coach, judge, and consultant in choral music and leadership design.

Åsa Bergh Fagerström

Åsa started singing Barbershop in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1990. She is the Director and one of the founders of Alba Show Chorus, and since 2019 she is also the Director of The EntertainMen. Before Alba was founded in 2004, Åsa was a member of the SunLight Chorus for 14 years (1990-2004), where she was the Assistant Director beside her mentor Åse Hagerman. Åsa has been a quartet singer since 1991 in the quartets Sudden Comfort and Matchbox. During the 90´s she was also the lead singer in a rock band for 10 years. In her everyday life Åsa has been a business leader since the mid 1990:s, working with business management and product development in the Automotive business for more than 20 years. She has a deep understanding of leadership and what makes a team successful and sustainable over a long period of time, as well as how to lead change and development work. Today Åsa runs a company where she is working as a mentor, psychotherapist and coach with people and groups regarding leadership, personal development and team building as well as business-, conflict and change management. Åsa has been coaching choruses, quartets and individuals since the late 90's, and today coaching is a big part of her everyday life. She is constantly working with different Barbershop groups and their teams and members, helping them to go from Good to Great in every aspect.

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Mo Field

Mo Field, originally from Canada, is a musician and former Master Director of the multiple international award winning Stockholm City Voices - a 42 voice women's a cappella ensemble, from Stockholm Sweden. She is a globally sought after vocal performance coach, arranger, educator, workshop facilitator, life coach and mentor. Music is in her spirit. From classical French horn, theatre and music production, to her passion for playing bass in the funk soul, motown, r&b (and select disco) genre, Mo is a multi-instrumentalist who has enjoyed a vast musical career as a professional musician across the board. Mo is a published songwriter/composer and ASCAP member, BHS Performance Judge and a die hard barbershopper enthusiast! She is a member of BHS, SAI and HI, and currently sings in 2 quartets - bass in Swing Theory ( HI ) and baritone in the mixed quartet, The Six/Four ( BHS ), and is the Artistic Director of The Great Northern Union, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mostly, Mo loves music. Mo loves people. Mo loves what music can do to and for people - and what people can do with music to help people be better people.

Melody Hine

Melody has been singing barbershop in various quartets and choruses since she was 14. She earned her music education degree from the University of Georgia, and after that spent a year working for Disney World and Universal Studios before beginning her teaching career at Duluth Middle School. She now teaches chorus at Roberto Clemente Middle School in Germantown, Maryland. Melody is proud to be a member of Harmony Incorporated, Sweet Adelines International and the Barbershop Harmony Society. Her roles currently include Region 14 Arranging Education Specialist and certified BHS Music Judge. She also sings baritone in the Song of Atlanta Show Chorus and Parkside Melody, as well as the current HI Harmony Queens, Hot Pursuit. Melody loves arranging and coaching groups of all levels, and she especially enjoys being a part of barbershop youth events.

Michael Kelly

Micahel Kelly is a respected performance coach from Seattle, Washington and has been judging Barbershop Performance since 2012 and develops education for the Barbershop Performance judging program. He sings with his 3 biological brothers in the top 20 quartet: Momma's Boys. In 2007, he helped found and lead the first BHS youth chorus, Northwest Vocal Project and sang with Westminster to gold in 2019. Michael studied acting and performance at Brigham Young University and has toured with the Seattle Opera. He performs and coaches in local theater and is a lifetime student of the theatrical expression. He believes there is no one way to create a truly meaningful performance, but that we are all on a journey to learn how communicate with each other in meaningful ways. Michael has had 3 German Au Pairs, German grandparents, a wife that speaks German and loves German gummy bears, German pretzels and as of last year's college, German beer.

David McEachern

David has been involved in Barbershop music for a few decades. He is a performer, Performance Judge and coach/teacher. He sings with the Toronto Northern Lights chorus and is involved in creating and coaching their contest performance packages as well as coaching many other choruses and quartets around the world. He speaks one language fluently… sort of. David’s original musical background is in folk and bluegrass music where he played 5-string banjo many moons ago. He also spends a great deal of time performing in theatrical productions and comedy shows in Toronto, Canada, his most recent role as Lurch in The Addams Family.

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Donya Metzger

Donya has been around Barbershop her whole life and has made a career of working with performers. She's been teaching voice for over 20 years and is a Certified Associate Teacher of Fitz Maurice Voicework and became a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in 2020. Her beginning as a dancer (culminating in a BFA Dance from Simon Fraser University) gave her a fascination with all things body- and movement-related, so her interests in performance range from nervous system function in performers to body percussion to fullbodied singing practices. She has spent the last 14 years producing learning tracks, has written and arranged a handful of pieces for a cappella singers, and produced an album of holiday music entitled Sister Grinch. Donya sings in two quartets: Fandango, specializing in holiday performances, and Metzin' Around, a mixed group with brothers Tom and Mark and husband Phil, which sings a wide variety of genres. She currently teaches voice for actors at Vancouver Film School and spent the Fall semester of 2021 as an Artist in Residence at Concordia University in Montreal teaching voice and creating a new work of theatre.

Alex Morris

Alex is a graduate of the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Music majoring in composition. Alex is in demand around the world as an arranger and vocal coach working as a guest educator with ensembles, teaching classes and facilitating workshops. Alex is a Certified Music Judge with the BHS and is currently Music Director of Geelong Harmony Chorus (SAI), shOUT Youth Chorus (MGLC) and a variety of other touring ensembles.

Andrew Rembecki

Andrew is a BHS Certified Singing Judge, music educator, singing teacher, choir director, and coach originally from Kansas City, Missouri (US) who has lived in Munich, Germany for the last 3 years. He is the Director of Herrenbesuch, the men's barbershop chorus from Munich, and a vocal coach and instructor for many BinG! groups. He received his undergrad and masters in music education from Northwest Missouri State University and taught in the public school system as a choir teacher for six years. He is formerly the Associate Director of Central Standard, BHS Silver Medalists 2016, and was a member of the chorus for 10 years. He has been barbershopping for over 16 years and is excited to continue that passion here in Germany.

Dr. Steve Scott

Steve Scott is the Director of Harmony University and Education Services for the Barbershop Harmony Society. A barbershopper for over thirty years, Steve taught voice and choir at the college level before joining the BHS staff. His research interests include the biophysiology of the barbershop singing voice, barbershop acoustics, and barbershop history. He is a certified Singing judge, a frequent faculty member for harmony colleges around the world where he teaches voice techniques and vocal pedagogy, a voice teacher, and coach. Steve also serves as the director of the TuneTown Show Chorus–participants in the 2023 SAI Harmony Classic—and as the assistant director and principal vocal coach of the 2022 international champion chorus, the Music City Chorus, both in Nashville TN. He enjoys living in the Nashville area with his wife and two children.

Steve Tramack

Steve is a 39-year member of the Barbershop Harmony Society, who proves the adage that barbershopping runs in the blood. Great-grandfather Frank Barker started a chapter in 1946; his father, Dave, was a 40+ year member, and his son, Joshua is a BHS member. His wife, Renee, is a 40-year member of Harmony Inc. and BHS member who directs “New England Voices in Harmony” (2014 and 2018 champs). Their daughters, Christina and Samantha (also BHS members) sing with Renee in “Taken 4 Granite”, 2016 Harmony Inc. International Quartet Champions. Steve is actively involved in several facets of barbershopping, including: • 10-time International chorus director (Nashua Granite Statesmen) • 5-time International quartet competitor (From the Heart and Potential Favorites) • Certified Music judge (2010), and current BHS Music Category Specialist • Over 300 commissioned arrangements, ranging from International champions (BHS, Harmony Inc, SAI) to chapter quartets and choruses • Active coach of ensembles and faculty member of barbershop schools worldwide • 19-year Harmony University faculty member and chair of the Arranging Track During the day, Steve works for Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a Senior Director of Engineering

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Das HC-Team

Das BinG!-HC-Team arbeitet seit dem erfolgreichen Online-Harmony-College (Wohnzimmer-Edition) an der Organisation des kommenden Live-Harmony-Colleges. Die Mitglieder des Teams sind (von links nach rechts, von oben nach unten):

Simone Knoop, Silke Ostendarp, Hélène Moëlo, Conny Jäger, Merle Pohlabeln, Regine Igwe, Danielle Schwarz, Franziska (Franzi) Dickhut

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