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Three Legendary Second Edition & Growing Girls Recordings Available Now!

Second Edition & Growing Girls veröffentlichen anlässlich Ihres 25-jährigen Jubiläums drei remastered CD's.
Lest nachfolgend die originale Ankündigung von David Harrington:

Fellow Barbershoppers!

I'm thrilled to announce, on behalf of The Second Edition (1989 BHS International Quartet Champions) and Growing Girls (1989 SAI Queens of Harmony), in celebration of our 25th anniversaries as Champions, the release of three legendary recordings!

Re-mastered from the original reels and available for the first time in over two decades is 'The Second Edition 1' recording. Available for the first time ever in the digital format - 'The Best Of Two Worlds'. And, available for the first time EVER is a live recording from the premiere concert of 'The Best of Two Worlds Live!'.

Go to www.secondeditionquartet.com to read more about these recordings and see which songs are featured. There are cuts that have never been released before, like Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair, a song featuring two singers from each group, a special appearance by The Harrington Brothers quartet, and MORE! Order yours now (before June 15) and you'll save! If you're heading to Las Vegas for the BHS International convention this summer, lock in the pre June 15 prices now, and then simply pick up your CDs at The Second Edition booth in Vegas during the convention at the MGM Grand!

Visit www.secondeditionquartet.com to order yours!
You can also find and like The Second Edition Barbershop Quartet & Growing Girls on FaceBook!

In Harmony!
David Harrington
lead - The Second Edition, 1989