Vocal FX - Workshop with Kerstin Greaves


Grunts come from the rehearsal room. A crow "answers" from outside. Truly unusual sounds produced by EKBC singers and singer friends. But it's all in good fun: Kerstin Greaves, singer, coach and certified CVT trainer, asked to try out sound effects like have been systematically described in the "Complete Vocal Technique".

The last time Kerstin and the "boys" from EKBC met in Berlin, in the context of the joint concert with the Women in Black. The agreement to soon pass on her knowledge to the choir in a workshop led to this additional date of her current coaching tour.

So will all the EKBC singers sing like Louis Armstrong in the future? Of course not, but effects can and should be used in a targeted way to make the choir's performance more varied and attractive. Certainly, there is still a lot of work to be done before they can be produced as skillfully as Kerstin demonstrated.

The unanimous verdict of the participants: The workshop has shown us a door to new vocal possibilities, but of course we have to go through it ourselves, and that is what we want to do!

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