Female quartet from Dortmund, Frankfurt, Sprockhövel, Zurich - established 2017

We are a female barbershop quartet which was founded in 2017. Just for getting some coachings during HC17.

But we had some much fun with ourselves that we now think bigger. We spontaneously planned the Coesfeld Cup and then decided to stick together. The fun while singing together and rocking the overtones is just too cool! ;)

Because we fly in from all over (Dortmund, Sprockhövel, Frankfurt, Zürich) we try to meet every 4-6 weeks for a long and happy rehearsal weekend to sing, laugh and invite good friends as coaches!

If we are around our fans will be hashtaged! We leave marks with a stamp or, if you´re lucky you get a little silver # from us!

Who we are

Moëlo Hélène
Greaves Kerstin
Terhoff Alexandra
Beeren Anke

Where to find us