Main Stream Magic in a museum
Probe im Schifffahrtsmuseum in Wörth am Main


Everything is different........

you can say that about a lot of things these days. Especially when you like to spend your free time singing in a group.

For me itś „Barbershop“.

It felt like forever but in June we were finally able to sing together again. In the beginning it was outdoors only and the finally back in our regular rehearsal room at the Youth- and Family Center in Erlenbach am Main.

Of course with the necessary 6 feet distance and a brand new hygiene concept.

Unfortunately, we could only use the room for section rehearsals and small ensembles because since we had to sing 6 feet apart, it was too small for the whole chorus.(22 singers)

We needed to come up with a new idea fast. And we did.

In 2018 we had a wonderful concert with 2 other choruses in a museum.

Yes, a museum. The Maritime Museum in Wörth am Main.

It was a wonderful experience to sing there, so we had an idea.....We asked if we could rehearse there and the City Conuncil of Wörth granted us permission, but only if we were willing to have further concerts there too.  Well of course!

It is such an uplifting feeling to sing in such a historical building.

The rehearsals are very challenging for our director. To keep a group of chatting women quiet is a hard task, even under normal circumstances. She is always very creative and patient. But in this fantastic sound body you hear every note, every quiet whisper or giggle. It makes it hard for us all and demands quiet and discipline from everyone.

So, thank God for breaks, out in the fresh air, where we can talk and laugh, of course with masks and standing at a distance.


It is all worth it though. When we sing our songs an hear those wonderful dominat seventh chords ring through the museum, we get goosebumps all over.

We as a chorus are very happy to be able to experience it.


Author: Monika Fischer

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