About us

What´s BinG! all about?

BinG! Barbershop in Germany e. V. is the German specialist association for barbershop singing - an a cappella music style. We are a nationwide, highly specialized association for all choruses and quartets dedicated to barbershop singing.

In particular, we are committed to spreading the word about our passion for barbershop music and getting as many people as possible excited about this great hobby and singing together.

We are the cradle of mixed barbershop

As the first barbershop association worldwide we founded ourselves as a (gendered) mixed association and also mixed choirs and quartets took part in our competitions . In other countries there is a strict separation: men's and women's ensembles compete in their own association and their own competition.

About BinG!

With numerous events and activities, the association contributes to improving the exchange of experience and knowledge, which has led to a significant increase in the quality of our ensembles - certainly one of the reasons why barbershop music is becoming more and more popular in the German a cappella scene.

BinG! in numbers

Our nationwide association currently consists of:

Our team

As a non-profit association BinG! is dependent on many helping hands. Here you can contact our active people.
For requests to the board please contact vorstand(at)barbershop.de. For general requests please contact the office.

Our office

BinG! Barbershop in Germany e.V.


Hohe Straße 61a, 

44139 Dortmund

Email: kontakt(at)barbershop.de

Phone: +49 231 22204262 

Birgitta Bender

- Office management -

Email: birgitta.bender(at)barbershop.de

Work focus:
Head of the Dortmund office. Contact person for questions about the association, membership and everything else.

Our Management Board

Maximilian Hilz

- President -

Email: maximilian.hilz(at)barbershop.de

Main areas of work in the Management Board:
Project Management BMF, Member Administration, Website and IT, Miscellaneous, Rules and Regulations and Statutes

Julia Moldenhauer

- Treasurer -

Email: julia.moldenhauer(at)barbershop.de

Main areas of work in the Management Board:
Finances, Sponsoring, Harmony College, Merchandise

Constanze Jäger

General Manager -

Email: constanze.jaeger(at)barbershop.de

Main areas of work in the Management Board:
Public Relations, International Affairs, Youth Chorus, ping Newsletter, Regulations and Statutes

Jeremy Connor

- Board Member Elected -

Email: jeremy.connor(at)barbershop.de

Main areas of work in the Management Board:
Education and training of members, youth work  (A CAPPELLA YOUTHCAMP, youth chorus), website content, tag weekend, polecats, diversity & inclusion

Silke Ostendarp

- Board Member -

Email: silke.ostendarp(at)barbershop.de

Main areas of work in the Management Board:
BMF, Harmony College, directors' education, education and training of members, website content, diversity & inclusion

Harmony College Team

The BinG! Harmony College requires a lot of organisation, time and know-how every year. Fortunately, there are always dedicated and eager helpers who ensure a structured concept, detailed preparation and smooth running.

Diversity and Inclusion

BinG! is committed to diversity. We have recently formed a team dedicated to the topics of diversity and inclusion both in BinG! ensembles, and in barbershop, choral and quartet singing in general.

You can find out more on our team page by clicking the button below.

Email: vielfalt(at)barbershop.de

Topic-specific contact persons and teams

We have different contact persons for different areas of the association's work:

Franziska Dickhut

- International contacts -

Email: franziska.dickhut@barbershop.de

Work focus:
Maintaining the association's international contacts

Public relations (social media, website)

Kevin Köhl

- Arrangers -

Email: kevin.koehl@barbershop.de

Work focus:
Support of the Arrangers of the association, promotion of new Arrangers.

Almut Schmitz

- Sheet music and rights -

Email: almut.schmitz@gmx.de

Work focus:
Music rights, GEMA

Helge Jordan

- Proposals General Assembly -

Email: helge.jordan@barbershop.de

Work focus:
Legal and formal examination of membership applications.

Semhar Kinne

- Coachingtour- coordinator -

Email: coaching-tour@barbershop.de 

Work focus:
Coordination of official BinG! coaching tours as well as the distribution of information on private Coaching tours within the association.

Birgit Kayser

- Polecatprogramm -


Work focus:
Organization and coordination for the promotion and publication of german Polecats, creation of a common repertoire for all BinG! ensembles.

Alexander Koller

- Coaching Certification Program -

Email: ccp@barbershop.de

Work focus:
Coordination of  Coaching Certification Program.

Silke Rusch

- Chor-Leadership-Coaching -

Email: leadership-coaching@barbershop.de

Work focus:

Responsible for the Leadership Coaching Programm.

Silke Ostendarp

- Support for directors -

Email: directors-edu@barbershop.de

Work focus:

Development of german chorus directors.

Dr. Thomas Wardin

- Website -

Email: thomas.wardin@barbershop.de

Work focus:
Technical design of the website.

Alexandra Terhoff

- Website -

Email: alexandra.terhoff@barbershop.de

Work focus:
Texts and layout of the website.