World Mixed


international Mixed Barbershop Championship

In recognition of the great international interest and success in mixed singing,  BinG! - Barbershop in Germany is now looking forward to host the world championship of mixed barbershop harmony singing in Munich, at the upcoming Barbershop Music Festival 2018 April 6-8.  "World Mixed IV" will be held for the very first time for quartets AND choruses in the famous Gasteig, Philharmonic Hall in the center of Munich, Germany.

World Mixed - history and future

Being a mixed organization representing both female and male barbershoppers in Germany we have allowed mixed barbershop quartets in our national conventions and contests since 2006 to compete against female and male quartets. We go by the unarguable principle that good barbershop is good barbershop, whatever the voicing! Since then our best quartets have been mixed and the interest and action in the field of mixed barbershop quartet singing is remaining unbrokenly high. 
We have always had a mixed faculty judging at our national conventions (Barbershop Musik Festival) and Harmony College with members from the BHS, SAI, Harmony Inc., BABS and LABBS.

Since mixed barbershop singing is and has always been happening all over the world, we decided to hold the first worldwide festival and championship for mixed barbershop quartets in Dortmund, 2012:  "World Mixed". We wanted to provide a platform to present this voicing in barbershop for it to be recognized and to be shared with all the joy and fun it has to offer.


(c)Danica Schneider

This first World Mixed, held in 2012, was a full success. Four different nations were represented, with Tarzan And Jane from Sweden winning gold, Mixed Feelings from USA winning silver and Klangküsse from Germany taking the bronze medal, all scoring between 76.5 % and 78.8 %.

Double Date - World Mixed Champion 2014

(c) Eric Ideler

By the time of the second "World Mixed" in Dortmund, 2014, the UK, Netherlands and Sweden had already set up national contests with great success and were able to send their top mixed groups to represent their country. This time, with five nations represented, the scores were between 84% and 77,5% with champion Double Date from the USA, Hopplösa Faglar from Sweden winning silver and Sincerity from the USA bronze
Scoresheets World Mixed 2014

Double Date - World Mixed Champion 2016

In 2016 Double Date won their second Gold medal as world's best mixed quartet followed by Hannah and the Hurricanes. This was the last year when only mixed quartets could compete, from 2018 on the World Mixed competition is open for quartets and choruses.

We are excited to hold the World Mixed Championship every other year in Germany, next on April 6-8, 2018 in Munich.

We invite countries to send their national champions. Thus contestants will be representing their country, not their organizations. We count that there are 11 nations worldwide represented in the WHC. "Mixed groups" are defined as a group in which both genders are represented.

We call all barbershop organizations to encourage this variant of our music by holding mixed contests for their members and sending the best to the World Mixed. If this is not the case the respective groups can apply via Wild Card.

Mixed barbershop opens exciting new opportunities and perspectives to barbershop as a modern, living style of music. It will help promote barbershop even more and makes it even more interesting, especially to young singers.