First BinG! A CAPPELLA YOUTH CAMP in 2019!

This summer all young singers between the ages of 16 and 25 can look forward to a special treat: BinG! is hosting the A CAPPELLA YOUTH CAMP for the first time!

From 29.07. - 04.08.2019 there will be a week full of music, fun and of course singing at the Klosterseminar Blaubeuren (Baden-Württemberg). Under the direction of Jan Liermann (Barberpapas) and Jennifer Kammermeier (Munich Show Chorus) the young people will work on pieces from different musical genres. In addition to Barbershop, the programme also includes classical and modern choir literature as well as pop.

With the Camp we aim to appeal to young singers who have had little or no contact with Barbershop so far and make young people sing. We want to make our music style and of course our association better known and thus generate new growth for our BinG! family.

Our target group are therefore primarily young, singer-joyful humans, who do not have yet any contact to Barbershop! Of course our own youth is invited to take part in the A CAPPELLA YOUTH CAMP.

Now your help is requested:
Do you have contact to young people who like to sing and absolutely learn about Barbershop or should experience it? Then send them our SAVE THE DATE website!

On 15.03.2019 we will open the official registration.

other news

Harmony College Team 2019


Every year, the BinG! Harmony College requires a great deal of organization, loads of time and lots of know-how. Fortunately, we've always been able to find dedicated, diligent helpers, who provide for a structured concept, detailed preparation, and keep everything running smoothly. Most of this happens in the background.

New Board for BinG!

On 05.10.2018 the BinG! general meeting has elected a new BinG! board. After the 2-year term of General Manager Franziska Dickhut ended, she did not let herself be put up for election again. President Gabriele von Rauch and treasurer Anna Taferner resigned outside of their term of office.