​​​​​​​Our further education offers: BinG! invests in training!
For our association the education and training of our members stands in the first place and our team of committed BinG! members takes care of it with heart blood to create for you a large selection. At the moment we offer you the following training possibilities.

Harmony College

​​​​​​​The emotional center of our association is the annual Harmony College. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere we learn from the best!


​​​​​​​The emotional center of our association is the annual Harmony College. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere we learn from the best!

BinG! Coaches

​​​​​​​On the following pages you will find coaches who have been trained by our association and are being trained (in the Coaching Certification Program) or who we recommend by their outstanding quality.


​​​​​​​Our association as well as our ensembles organize regular tours with experienced coaches. If your ensemble is looking for a coach or has invited a coach, you can inform yourself on the following pages in the coaching tour calendar and get in touch with us.


​​​​​​​Does your chorus want to deal more intensively with the chorus's identity and get feedback, such as repertoire, rehearsals or how the musical leadership team is perceived by the singers? Or would you like to learn how the initiatives of the management team fit in?

Then THINK! is certainly interesting.

International Ressources

​​​​​​​The Barbershop Haromony Society offers in English various possibilities of further education, partly directly and free of charge available.

BinG! Arrangers

​​​​​​​BinG! promotes its own arrangers and offers you the opportunity to choose from a variety of talented musicians to buy arrangements or to have them arranged tailor-made for you (the ensemble)!

BinG! Youthchorus

The BinG! youth chorus, founded in 2019, meets regularly for concerts. It is for all who are between 16 and 30 years old and have some experience in barbershop. With this we support our own youth in the areas of singing, conducting, choreography, leadership etc... A website is under construction!

The Youth Chorus Team can be reached at: 


Chorus director education and training

In this rather new team, we are currently developing opportunities to train our own directors and promote new directors. For this we want to develop our own ideas, but also integrate experiences and initiatives that already exist in BinG! member groups.

The team can be reached at:


News from BinG!


WEBtronome: Tolle Ergänzung für virtuelle Chorproben

Wer kennt nicht das Problem, bei virtuellen Chorproben das Tempo zu halten? Gemeint sind hier nicht Einweg-Sessions mit einer Videokonferenz-Software wie z.B.

Beitrag vom: 17/06/21

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Singen über das Internet – geht das?


Beitrag vom: 26/04/21

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Frohe Weihnachten wünscht MissHarmony!

MissHarmony is completely silent in this pre-Christmas time, nowhere to be heard. Accordingly, our Christmas greetings turn out accordingly, no photo of a glittering stage performance, instead cookies - sweet, comforting cookies.

Beitrag vom: 06/12/20

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EKBC feiert Geburtstag


Wait a minute - didn't EKBC already celebrate its 30th birthday in 2017?

Beitrag vom: 05/11/20

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Probe im Schifffahrtsmuseum in Wörth am Main   

Main Stream Magic im Museum


Beitrag vom: 26/10/20

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EKBC Balkonkonzert   

"Balkonkonzert" des EKBC


Beitrag vom: 09/10/20

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Chorleitung gesucht für MissHarmony in Erkrath - Update Nov. 2020: wir haben sie gefunden!

May we introduce ourselves?

Beitrag vom: 24/11/20

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Do’s and Don‘ts einer Online-Chorprobe

What does a choir do that is not allowed to sing together. A workshop report from MissHarmony - Barbershop-Choir from Erkrath

Beitrag vom: 11/05/20

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