What a wonderful World - concert by MissHarmony and Düssharmonie on 25.11. in Düsseldorf

A sold-out house and a great atmosphere - it really was a brilliant evening for the barbershop singers from "Düssharmonie" and "MissHarmony". The highlight was the song they performed together - also the motto of the concert - "What a wonderful world".

Incidentally, there was barbershop singing all over the country that weekend. In Dachau, "Herrenbesuch" and the "A Capella Company" Dachau met twice for a "double date" and "Maint Stream Magic" in Erlenbach had a joint performance with "Aftershave". In total, we brought 155 BING! barbershop singers on stage this weekend, who sang in front of a total of 1166 spectators (!).  

We did something good for the public of BinG! Barbershop in Germany e.V., didn't we? We'll carry on the torch.

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