Improved Navigation On Internal Pages

Since the possibilities in the internal part of our website have meanwhile become so versatile that the overview was in danger of being lost, we have now created another organisation instead of the entries in the lower - dark grey - area of the menu and further links in the footer area of the pages:


Immediately after logging in, each user is directed to the so-called dashboard, from where they can access their personal data and other content via buttons, as well as start communication and administration functions. The displays vary according to the rights of the respective user. For example, the administration function for groups is only displayed to the group administrators.


From each page you can return to the dashboard via the (only) remaining entry at the end of the menu. By shortening the menu, there should be no more problems with "off-screen" entries.


In addition, a so-called breadcrumb navigation is displayed on some of the internal pages at the top of any such page. This is a listing of the logically "preceding" pages, which like the breadcrumbs in the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel always lead back to the start page - hence the name. This supplementary orientation aid has not yet been rolled out on the entire site, but will be completed bit by bit.


Should there be problems with the dashboard or breadcrumb navigation, be it that links are missing, are not self-explanatory or do not work as expected, please create a support ticket.


Depending on the screen size, you will find a list with new contributions on the right or below the buttons. So you can quickly see what has happened since your last visit.

other news

Harmony College Team 2019


Every year, the BinG! Harmony College requires a great deal of organization, loads of time and lots of know-how. Fortunately, we've always been able to find dedicated, diligent helpers, who provide for a structured concept, detailed preparation, and keep everything running smoothly. Most of this happens in the background.

New Board for BinG!

On 05.10.2018 the BinG! general meeting has elected a new BinG! board. After the 2-year term of General Manager Franziska Dickhut ended, she did not let herself be put up for election again. President Gabriele von Rauch and treasurer Anna Taferner resigned outside of their term of office.