Stuttgart Harmonizers

Mixed quartet from Stuttgart and vicinity - established 1973

The Stuttgart Harmonizers are a barbershop quartet in Stuttgart, Germany. We've been around since the mid 1970s, when the group was founded among members of the United States military community as the EUCOM Harmonizers.

Over the decades we have done promotion / retirement ceremonies and other events with the U.S. military community, concerts together with other groups on and off base, Christmas and birthday parties, weddings, "singing valentines" and receptions.

Members have come and gone over the years and none of the original members are still singing with us. Nonetheless, we continue to write the long history of the Stuttgart (EUCOM) Harmonizers with our singing ... and have a lot of fun too!

Who we are

Weidenbach Petra
Hatlie Mark
Irion Georg
Elsäßer Mathias

Where to find us