Singing together spontaneously

Barbershoppers love to spontaneously sing "tags" together before or after our events. Find out more here. 

Singing spontaneously in community: "Tag Singing"

In no other genre of vocal music is it so easy to sing spontaneously with each other!
In so-called "tag singing", you sing a very short piece with at least 4 people - usually the end of a song.
There is usually one person who knows all 4 parts and quickly teaches them to the others. Since the pieces are short, this usually does not take long, and knowledge of music is not necessary!

In the following, we will show you what tags are and how teaching usually works, using two examples:

This tag is beautiful

Some "tags" are even in german! In this video, Adam Scott teaches about 500 Americans a "tag" in German.  :)

I'm Alone with My Memories of You

This simple "tag" is taught by Kevin Keller and is great for just singing away.

"Tag-Singing" is cool, because...

  • can sing together spontaneously

  • meet new people and make friends

  • don't have to know notes

  • ...anyone can participate

  • fosters community

  • can learn something new

  • can test your voice in a relaxed atmosphere

This is how you can start:

We recommend the following apps:

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And this is what "tag singing" looks like then: