Barbershop Music Festival

World Mixed

Mixed Barbershop World Championships

Since 2012, the Barbershop Music Festival has been the venue of the World Championships for mixed barbershop quartets, and in 2018 the "World Mixed" for choruses will take place here for the first time.


World class a cappella

With the "Sternenshow", the Show of the Champions and the Sunday Matinee, every festival day offers a special highlight with international guests.

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The current German Chorus Champions: Harmunichs

World Mixed

Initially, Barbershop was only sung in male and later also in female ensembles. The German Barbershop Association BinG! was, however, a mixed federation from the very beginning and was the first Barbershop organization worldwide to have mixed quartets and choruses compete with the men's and women's ensembles.

As the motherland of the mixed Barbershop, Germany has been home to the World Mixed Contest, the world championship for mixed Barbershop ensembles, since 2012. The World Mixed for Choruses took place for the first time at the 2018 Music Festival.



The winners of the 2018 World Mixed Championships:

World Mixed Chorus Champion: Munich Show Chorus (Deutschland)

World Mixed Quartet Champion: Potential Scandal (Schweden)

National and World Mixed Chorus Competition

On 7th April 2018 for the first time the German National Chorus Competition ran parallel with this new World Mixed Chorus Competition. 10 German choruses took the chance to show their musicality on stage whilst mixed choruses from around the world got the chance to compete against each other for the very first time in Barbershop history.

Another historic event were the chorus contest results itself within the German National Competition: For the very first time a chorus reached the score of 86.3% & additionally for the very first time 3 choruses scored over 80%.  


1st Place: Harmunichs (86,3%)

2nd Place: Munich Show Chorus (81,1%)

3rd Place: Ladies First (81%)

Audience Favourite Award & Crescendo Award: Munich Show Chorus.

You find the videos on our  YouTube Kanal.


Further Contestants: 4’n MoreSugar n Spice, Erster Kölner Barbershop Chor, A Cappella Ladies, Herrenbesuch, Barbershop Blend. The Rhubarbs



There were 7 contestants at the first World Mixed Chorus Competition representing 5 countries. 

1st Place: Munich Show Chorus (81,1%) representing Germany

2nd Place: Southern A Cappella (78,8%) representing UK

3rd Place: EQMC (75,3%) representing UK


Further Contestants: Baldwin Blend (Canada), 4'n more (Germany), Shelley River Chorus (Ireland), Adelaide Allsorts Harmony Chorus (Australia)



Mike Warmer - T-Sing New Harvest Singers

Mike Cooler - Heavy Medal Rönninge Show Chorus


Every day of the festival offers a very special highlight with an extraordinary a cappella show.


Friday evening kicked off with the "Sternenshow", an event for night owls, which brought the international guests together on stage for the first time.


Saturday evening was the highlight of the festival with the Show of the Champions. In addition to the international guests, the newly crowned champions of the German Championships and the World Mixed Championships created an enchanting programme with Barbershop at the highest level.


On Sunday Morning, the Matinee rounded off the festival, in which the 3rd place medallists and our international guests got the chance to provide an emotional highlight, that reduced the pain of saying goodbye a tiny bit.


This year, the Rönninge Show Chorus (World Champion of Women's Barbershop Choruses 2014 and 2017), Double Date (Reigning Mixed Quartet World Champion) and The Newfangled Four (Men's Comedy Quartet, which is one of the top ten in the world) were among the performers.


World-class Chorus: Rönninge Show Chorus