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Quartet Contests

Every year, traditionally on the first evening of Harmony College, the competition for the Coesfeld Cup takes place. It is named after the place where it was initially held. In years without Barbershop Music Festival, the quartets qualify here for participation in the next German Championship.


The German Quartet Championships are held as part of the Barbershop Music Festival, a biennial competition and show event.


Since 2012 BinG! is also the organizer of the World Championships for mixed quartets. Throughout its existence, our association has been committed to strengthening mixed barbershop singing, and we are very pleased that, in agreement with the international associations, we have been assigned the organisation of the newly introduced "World Mixed".

Chorus Contests

Every two years the German Championship of Barbershop Choruses is held as part of the Barbershop Music Festival.


Since 2018 we also have the privilege to host the World Championship of mixed barbershop choruses.

Competition Rules

BinG! has developed a uniform set of rules for all German chorus and quartet competitions, which complies with the rules and regulations of the Barbershop Harmony Society (Contest and Judging Rules).


A uniform set of rules has also been adopted for the World Championships of mixed barbershop quartets and choruses.

Ergebnisse der Coesfeld Cup-Wettbewerbe

sind hier abgelegt

Ergebnisse der Deutschen Barbershop-Meisterschaften

...der Chöre sind in Kürze hier anzusehen

...der Quartette sind demnächst hier zu finden

Ergebnisse der World Mixed Wettbewerbe

sind hier für Chöre und Quartette verfügbar