Concept of the new BinG! website
Darstellung für alle Endgerätetypen

Modern, structured and clearly arranged


Spring cleaning... is too small an expression for the general overhaul of the new BinG! web presence. "The impression we want to give visitors of our web pages is to be more modern and the information presented in a clearer way. Also the member area is quite dusty, the structure rather confusing and the maintenance awkward ", explains webmaster Thomas Wardin.


Against this backdrop, the web experts have chosen a completely new approach: A modern design, which also enables a clean presentation on smartphones and tablets, is achieved in conjunction with a powerful content management system. Some of the functions are being expanded, but some dead branches of the past are being trimmed back. "We listened to the members and took up their suggestions with preference," says Thomas.

New BinG! membership model


The time of the revision coincides with a change in the BinG! membership model, which will of course be implemented in the new environment. "As a very welcome side effect, we finally expect neatly maintained data from all members, be they ensembles or individual members," Thomas says happily. This is intended to eliminate a crucial deficit in today's landscape and, among other things, to support smooth communication.


A detailed description of the concept can be downloaded here.


At the moment, a detailed test is being run by pilot users so that teething problems will no longer occur when the system is bound to go live at the end of the year. The use of the system will be as intuitive as possible based on these users' feedback. Individual pages will soon be made available to the public in order to also familiarize non-members with the new design.


Feedback or suggestions to are still welcome.

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